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Welcome, the old expression, “you cannot catch any fish if your line is not in the water” applies here. In order to improve wildlife habitat for the wild quail, dove, deer, turkey, rabbits or song birds you have to get involved and learn what it takes and maybe grab a shovel or jump on a tractor with us.

Your involvement, and that of your family, starts with a membership and can grow into everything you want it to be. By signing up as a member you will receive the Whistle Call and other important news automatically. When signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you must respond to which activates your subscription.

Caution: This is a passion, learning to help wildlife is known to be very addictive, and gratifying and can become a lifestyle, worthy of significant photography, a connection with the land for you and your family that God gave us all. Enjoy the experience.

What will your new Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation membership provide?

  1. Receive the “Whistle Call” newsletter and “Turnin’ the Dirt” Newspaper
  2. Get your membership card and decal
  3. Receive future sponsor discounts on products and services
  4. Take advantage of membership insurance including NEW Preferred Land Owner, Preferred Lodge and Guide coverage that will include personal gun insurance options (Download Gun Floater Application).
  5. Enjoy project insurance with your chapter when you perform habitat work in the field for edge feathering, installing fire lines, food plots or performing controlled burns. This also includes outreach programs for youth and the communities you live in.
  6. Enjoy the camaraderie of the annual banquet and fund raising activities like sporting clays, youth events, cowboy shoots that put dollars into habitat work, “Turnin-The-Dirt”™ for wildlife
  7. Work with your chapter to develop good habitat projects, get the whole family involved

Learn “how to” put in wildlife improvements in your area with your chapter to include;

  • Water sources in the west
  • Oak and or pine savannas
  • Perform edge feathering
  • Converts to native warm season grasses
  • Maximize cost share programs at the state and federal level
  • Food plots as part of a total habitat plan
  • Be trained on performing controlled burns for wildlife
  • So much more, join us, “get in the truck”!

OK, if you are a conservationist, we think you can jump in the truck with us, fill out the membership form (other memberships available below) and make a donation to help restore the wild quail and upland wildlife habitat. We cannot do this without you, and you will enjoy the trip, it’s a hoot!

Commit to Conservation with a Tax Deductible “Founding Lifetime Membership” or “Lifetime Patriot Membership“.

Thank you, now it is time to “get in the truck” and join. Click the “Become a Member” button below and choose a QUWF membership option. Thank you for your support…

“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre at a Time”™