QUWF Services

QUWF is working very hard for wildlife habitat and for conservationists, like you, who make the habitat restoration a reality.  As part of this elite group we welcome you to the QUWF Services section where we will break out our various topics for you. We know this will better serve your needs and allow an expansion of topics for our members, chapters, partners and sponsors. It does not matter if your passion is quail, pheasant, whitetail deer, mule deer, grouse, turkey or duck, whatever you like to dedicate your time and efforts to in upland wildlife, we are there with you. Our chapters and members are working on all of these and more. We are the only multi-specie organization, period. Others have tried to expand their single focus since we formed, but the fact is they are set up for one species, we are looking at the bigger picture and you should be too!


Careers with the QUWF Team are totally dedicated to conservation of our upland wildlife and its habitat working with private and public landowners coast to coast. We are a tax exempt, 501(c) (3) not-for-profit Corporation dedicated to the habitat restoration and population recovery of the wild quail and upland species.

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Advertise With Us

Be a part of an influential group that has a passion for preserving our nation’s wildlife. Show our members across the country that your company, product or service is dedicated to wildlife recovery and preserving an American Heritage of hunting and the outdoor experience.  Our members, from North Carolina to California, strive to protect quail and other upland game and you can contribute to their efforts.

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Become a Member

JOIN NOW ONLINE! You can make a difference, right now, for quail and upland wildlife by joining our organization that preserves and protects the future of our countries wildlife. We need your help NOW! Whether you are a landowner, casual wildlife watcher or dedicated outdoorsman or woman, we must work together for the resource like never before. Follow the link to learn all the benefits of being a member and join today!

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Form a Chapter

The power of common goals and lifestyles really comes to the front when a group of dedicated people join together to save wildlife habitat and populations as a QUWF Chapter. Become a leader in conservation, get involved in your community and bring your friends and the whole family to experience the miracle of the great outdoors by forming a local chapter of your very own. It’s easy, it’s free and we will walk you through the process. You will be joining thousands of other QUWF members and chapters nationwide that are acting as a major force in their communities, states’ and yes, at the national level.

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Land Owners and Guides

As a leading habitat organization, QUWF wants to offer you the opportunity to manage your business or property in a more secure and professional way. Simply, a major liability insurance choice for your consideration developed especially for those landowners who value wildlife and its habitat and at a lower cost solely for our members. We have negotiated with Sportsman’s Insurance, our partner,  for a master policy that offers you the ability to receive liability insurance customized for your property,  that would provide coverage if you lease any portion of your lands to hunting or habitat work and hunting. Covering all species, these policies are designed for you.

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Photo Gallery

Pictures speak louder than words and that stays true to wildlife habitat projects. See what our members and chapters from North Carolina to California are accomplishing.  Get ideas of what you can do in your area. Further, we will post photos for each chapter on their own photo page so save those great shots and send them in to us.

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Places to Hunt

We support the passion and lifestyle our members have for the American Hunting Heritage. In our “Places to Hunt” section we proudly list hunting preserves and lodges who share that passion and lifestyle while supporting wildlife habitat management. Look for our QUWF “Preserve Member” or “Hunting Lodge” signs at these facilities.

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The Dog Kennel

One of the greatest enjoyments produced by great wildlife habitat is being able to train, hunt and enjoy the camaraderie of your favorite hunting dogs. Bragging rights exponentially expand as a dog works the field, finds, points, flushes and/or retrieves the catch of the day.  The baying of a beagle on a rabbit, the solid point of an intense dog, or the sudden flush of a pheasant raised by a searching canine hunting companion makes the harvest that much better, in fact, that is why many go afield in the first place. An explosive jump of a lab on command to retrieve the downed green head makes any hunter’s heart pound with pride, enthusiasm as his faithful friend works just for his master.  That moment in time is what we hope The Dog Kennel will feature great pictures, products and information for our members and we will listen to how you would like it to grow.

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Veterans Appreciation

None of what we have today as Americans would be possible without the sacrifice of our military members: past, present and future. 1% of our population keeps us FREE, they deserve special recognition, assistance and our unending gratitude. Our Veterans page is a small thank you from our entire organization for their sacrifices, some will give all for us, freedom is not free, and they pay the price that we can NEVER forget. Please look at our members who have proudly served their country, we honor all of them and we ask you to say a special prayer for their safe return to their families. We must never forget!

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“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre at a Time”™