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That is what we are all about. Finishing 2011, our numbers show the $4.82 million dollars representing QUWF in fiscal year 2011, less than 5% was used for admin and support costs. That is a strong statement of staying the course, honoring your public trust in us and that the super majority of the money stayed at the local level and “turned-the-dirt” through our chapters and members.

In 2012 our QUWF national board expanded to twice its size now including representation from each region of the country and they approved adding two more Regional Director positions going forward consistent with the meeting theme “It’s Time to Grow”.

I truly believe we are the best not-for-profit organization in controlling dollars and ensuring we never forget why we are here, for our chapters and members to work on the preservation of upland wildlife habitat and population recovery.

We do need your continued support, though we stretch every penny as far as we can, without your continued contributions, we cannot get the job done.

Please, consider now an additional tax deductible donation to QUWF and help get a new member!

I know it is never easy, but I want you to know our staff is totally dedicated to our mission, our members and our chapters second to none, and gives all it can, all the time.

Every penny, every penny counts, thank you for the support of upland wildlife and our mission to preserve it for our sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Truly yours in conservation, Thank You,

Craig A. Alderman, Executive Director