QUWF Regional Directors

The road warriors and backbone of QUWF. We develop territories for our Regional Directors; called RDs, based on the number of working chapters and members in the designated area he or she will cover, to offset the expense of the position.

The QUWF RD, based in his/her territory, must have a wildlife, forestry or agricultural degree or significant experience in the conservation field as a regional director/chapter manager. They must have a true passion for our great outdoors and want to make a difference through the chapters and volunteer members they will work with. RDs must have an above average ability to use Microsoft Office to include Outlook, Excel, Word, and especially PowerPoint having very good computer skills including the latest versions of Adobe. The love of hunting and the shooting sports goes without saying, including a passion for our canine buddies afield. High ethics, a bubbling-outgoing personality and a strong moral and Christian compass help round out the personality a QUWF RD represents with a strong dose of patience.

An RD delivers great support to our chapters, is a coach, teacher, problem solver, mediator, superb communicator, banquet Emcee, silent and live auction arranger, banner guru, habitat planner, photographer, writer, budget manager and that is in his or her morning hours. The RD also searches out state and federal grants for his region and chapters working with any and all sources of funding and helping write and execute grants. The RD does what it takes to support the chapters and QUWF, it is definitely not an 8 to 5 job, and like a good country doctor, is “on call” when the need arises to the chapters.

The manager of his or her territory, the QUWF RD has the management responsibility of up to some 35 to 40 chapters and the State Councils, which by definition, have the same requirements as a chapter under the 501(c)(3) rules and regulations.

The RD helps build and manage the regional QUWF Habitat Improvement Teams™ and seed programs in concert with national sponsors, national staff and the local chapters.
“Turnin’-the-Dirt” ™ is what we do!

The RD is the eyes and ears of QUWF in the field helping to build on chapter success, overcome challenges and “Turn-the-Dirt”™ for upland wildlife fully coordinating with our national staff. All RDs report directly to the QUWF Director of Chapter Development with a dotted line to the Executive Director of QUWF. This is a road warrior, not an office hound.

Position Open for Application:

Western RD: Covering – California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada

North Atlantic RD: Covering – South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

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“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre at a Time”™