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“It’s All About Wildlife”

Thank you for your interest in forming a Chapter with the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc™. You are about to consider joining thousands of others like yourself who share a passion and respect for our great outdoors. We have a great commitment to help in preserving one of our national treasurers, our upland wildlife and it’s critical habitat in your local area as well as nationally. It is the next step!

Working for wildlife means you are interested in restoring natural habitat on private and public lands and learning the ways you and your fellow members can make an immediate impact with your dollars and sweat equity. You may enjoy the camaraderie of a hunt with your children and friends, or just want to ensure our wildlife is around for a few more generations, and make no mistake, if we do not do it, they will be gone.

Impact such as mid-story forest management, producing field edge cover for quail, rabbits, deer and untold song birds. Converting fescue fields to native warm season grasses both friendly to wildlife and a help to cattle production, building brush piles for rabbits, or making covey headquarters, bugging areas for turkey and quail or brooding areas for quail, all of it is about to unfold for you. Learning how to properly install and manage food plots is part of any management plan, learning how to do it right in your area can be a key function of the chapter. It is not only our QUWF passion but becomes part of your lifestyle, and it is contagious. Not to mention it is always fun operating tractors, dozers and RTVs or ATVs to get the jobs done.

What does it take to form a chapter, first four (4) individuals, conservationists willing to step up, to make up your first board of directors with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, then of course there is the paperwork. All must be members of QUWF, please download the membership application also provided here for your convenience. You will find four forms included in this section, A through D, and the Short Form Adoption which you fill out and return to our national headquarters at P.O. Box 947, Buffalo, MO 65622. There is no cost to form a chapter. You will need to review, and accept the chapter by-laws of our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization which includes having a yearly fundraiser to help your projects and the national organization represent you which includes member and chapter activity and project insurance. Our insurance includes Controlled Burn insurance for trained chapter members and with an approved burn plan, that does cover land owners.

Once the paperwork is received we will obtain and Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS so you may open a bank account for your new chapter and provide you with the logos to use.

Want help? Though it is relatively easy to get started, we have Regional Directors and staff to answer your questions and other chapters to assist your efforts. We all share a common goal of habitat and wildlife population restoration. The contact us section lists our emails for you.

Our “Tool Shed” section offers an immense collection of support materials and forms for chapters including the new chapter procedures manuals that are being created and updated by section for your download, the “How To” of chapter growth. This website is ever changing, visit often and see what is happening in conservation of upland game. We will have suggestions for fundraisers, recommended vendors, raffle ticket templates, banquet procedures and much more.

The Checklist:

1. Download and review the by-laws of a chapter. Consider your community support and ability to grow a conservation organization membership for upland wildlife and what projects you and your chapter would like to do.

2. Determine who will fill the four needed positions to form a  chapter; Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Elect the first board.

3. Fill out the required forms below;

Charter By-Laws: Download Here

Chapter Short Form: Download Here

Form A Chapter Signature Page: Download Here

Form B All Officers Signature Page: Download Here

Form C Chapter Organization and Contact Information: Download Here

Form D Chairman Information Form: Download Here

Membership Application Forms: Download Here

NOTE: If you wish to be a Founding Chapter, helping increase the QUWF momentum, a donation of $1,000 will provide a low,  Founding Chapter number, and recognize your efforts in support of the habitat work we are dedicated to.

4. Mail all forms to Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc™, P.O. Box 947, Buffalo, MO 56522.

5. Schedule your next meeting to set goals and projects you would like to do with your chapter

Enjoy the work of habitat restoration, the times spent outside are a gift from our creator and appreciating what we have is as important as preserving its future. Our slogan below says it all…

“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre At  A Time”

Join us Today!