About Us

About Us

Through and with our chapters, members and sponsors, maximize the recovery and restoration of the wild quail and other upland species through critical habitat management using sound science, with technology, and old fashioned sweat equity. Professional oversight to manage every penny raised for recovery.

The Whistle Call

The Whistle Call

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Sponsors & Vendors

Sponsors & Vendors

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Welcome to Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc™

Formed in 2009, the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc™ (QUWF), based in Buffalo, Missouri, a rural community whose agricultural roots and moral compass reflect the core of QUWF, was organized to better focus efforts, donated dollars and partnerships on immediate and positive habitat projects to “Turn-The- Dirt“©™ for upland wildlife.

From the beginning we wanted to guide the thousands of wildlife habitat conservationists we represented to a new direction, one of solid focus of local projects, outreach and involvement. Like never before, people want to be involved in wildlife habitat work on their own lands and in their communities and spend the money they raise.

It’s fun, educational and something the entire family can benefit from especially when they see the results in plant growth, critters returning and song birds singing, all from the work they did. QUWF wants members to get involved locally, raise the dollars and spend it on their projects.

You are about to consider joining thousands of others like yourself who share a passion and respect for our great outdoors. We have a great commitment to help in preserving one of our national treasurers, our upland wildlife and it’s critical habitat in your local area as well as nationally. It is the next step! Read More

Come on in, stay awhile and take a gander at some of the things QUWF has to offer!! Like all good Huntin’ closets, there are items of interest, things we just plain found under the old boots, and things you might just get a good laugh from but we will try to keep it a little more organized for our members. Read More

Welcome, the old expression, “you cannot catch any fish if your line is not in the water” applies here. In order to improve wildlife habitat for the wild quail, dove, deer, turkey, rabbits or song birds you have to get involved and learn what it takes and maybe grab a shovel or jump on a tractor with us. Read More

We list these properties as they have expressed support in habitat management with upland game population recovery and actively promote the hunting heritage. These Preserves and Lodges are proud members of the QUWF organization, and in most cases, their owners are actively involved with their local QUWF chapters. Read More


Does QUWF have youth events?

  • Yes, QUWF developed “Future of America”© emphasizing youth outreach, working with our youth of all ages, attracting their interest, teaching them about wildlife conservation, and creating an enjoyment of the outdoors in their daily activities.  Chapters have youth days, youth camps, youth and mentor hunts, and youth scholarships.

Does QUWF work with any other conservation organizations?

  • Yes, QUWF works with many conservation state and federal partners implementing programs for landowners and chapters such as food plot seed days, habitat technique workshops, burn workshops, landowner field days, outdoor expos, field trials, equipment demonstrations and much more. QUWF is a member of the National Prescribed Fire Council.
  • QUWF is the only organization to have a joint MOU with the USFS and NRCS providing a national, regional and local grassroots organization to manage habitat goals and maximize results of habitat and wildlife population restoration on public and private lands.

What is the scope of QUWF?

  • QUWF is a Turnin-The-Dirt“™ organization with projects performed by local chapters working closely with partners, landowners and government agencies maximizing all conservation dollars and putting those dollars to work for all upland wildlife species in the local community.
  • Grab a calculator, QUWF keeps the most money locally with its chapters of any conservation organization.